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Online Enquiry

Online Enquiry

Our aim is to make this difficult time as easy as possible.   It is normal to not feel up to talking to anyone, let alone a stranger to make arrangements for your pets after life care.  If you do not feel up to talking to someone right now we have provided this online form as an option.   Alternatively you may wish to make arrangements prior to your pets passing so when the time comes all the decisions and arrangements have been made.


  • Please check our Coverage Area  We offer home pick up and drop off to most Sunshine Coast suburbs and service Vet Surgeries in Gympie.
  • If you would prefer to bring your pet to me at the crematorium, let me know in the comments below so I can ensure there is someone there to meet you.  Thank You.

    I authorise The Sunshine Coast Pet Crematorium to individually cremate my pet and I commit to pay for services requested.

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